Property Drop-Off

In order to drop off property to an inmate, you will need to complete a Property Drop-Off Form. You can either print the form and fill it out by hand or type in the information and then print it.

Property Drop-Off Form

Acceptable Items

Learn about the items that are allowed to be brought in for inmates.


Access Corrections Secure Deposits *Starting 05-29-2019*

The fastest, most convenient way to deposit funds into your loved one’s account!

Send money with your Visa or MasterCard using one of the following options:

  1. Smart Device: Download our Android or iOS app.
  2. Online:
    The app and online options offer the lowest handling charge!
  3. Toll-free Telephone: 866-345-1884
    Call 24/7 to speak with a bilingual representative.
  4. Lobby Kiosk: Easy to use and accepts cash.

Money orders or bank draft checks, made out to the inmate, can be mailed in for inmates. Any money sent in for an inmate will go on their books.

We do not hold money out for an inmate to take with them on transport to other counties or prisons.

If the inmate has a negative balance on their account up to half of the money put on their books will go toward the negative balance with the remaining money going to a positive balance they can use. If the bill is less than half of the money deposited, then only the outstanding balance is taken.

Prescription Medication

Medication must be in the original prescription bottle, with the inmate’s name on it, that is a valid prescription, and in the first 24 hours after arrest only unless otherwise noted by the medical department.


  • 6 pairs of white socks
    • New and in the package
  • 6 white T-shirts
    • New and in package or with tags still on
  • 6 pairs of white or light gray underwear
    • New and in package or with tags still on.
    • Can be briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs.
  • 2 white bras
    • New and in package or with tags still on
    • No wires, zippers, strings, etc.
  • 2 pairs of white, off-white, or light gray long underwear shirts or Under Armor style shirts or long sleeve T-shirts without pockets
    • New and in package or with tags still on
  • 2 pairs of white, off-white, or light gray long underwear pants or Under Armor style pants
    • New and in package or with tags still on


  • Word find, crossword, or other puzzle books
    • No staples
    • No family notes written in them
  • 5 photographs
    • Nothing bigger than 5 by 7 inches
    • No sexually explicit material
    • Nothing illegal
    • No Polaroids
    • Nothing laminated.
    • Inmates are not allowed to switch out photos so once they have 5 all others will go into their property
  • Soft backed reading books
    • Note that the inmate to whom the book is dropped off will get to read the book first then the book becomes the property of the jail and will go into our general library.
    • Some exceptions are made for school textbooks if someone is in school but prior permission must be obtained for any exceptions.

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