Inmate Medical Services

It is the goal of the Jasper County Jail to provide the best medical care possible to meet the needs of our inmates while maintaining a safe and secure facility.

Advanced Correctional Healthcare

Medical services in the jail are provided by Advanced Correctional Healthcare (ACH). This company specializes in providing medical services for jail facilities in over 7 states. Their doctors and nurses are specially trained to deal with the unique medical issues that show up in jail facilities and general medical issues that everyone faces.


The jail doctor is considered ‘doctor at bedside’ and is legally allowed to decide what medications an inmate will take while in the jail facility. There are some medications that are often prescribed on the street that are not often given while in jail. These are medications that can be addictive, cause euphoric responses in the brain, or drugs that have a high potential to be used or traded in the facility for an illegal high. These types of medications are looked at by the doctor on a case-by-case basis to determine if there is an alternative that can be used safely in the jail facility.

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