Frequently Asked Questions

Public Health

How do I get an immunization record in Iowa?
Where can I get vaccines for myself or my children?
I think I may have food poisoning, who do I call?
Do you offer skilled nursing home care?
How do I get more information on Homemaker Referral services?
What is your email address?
What is your fax number?
Who do I contact about a restaurant or hotel?

General Assistance

I am a new provider in the community, and I would like to network with other providers.
I have no insurance, where can I get insurance?
I need a car seat inspection?
I need a doctor, who can I call?
I need WIC (Women, Infant, Children) information?
I think I might be pregnant, where can I get a free pregnancy test?
I was born in Jasper County and I need my birth certificate?
Where do I apply for food stamps or food assistance?

Community Development/Environmental Health

I need a building permit or zoning?
I need an inspection for a public pool, spa, tattoo parlor, or tanning bed?
I need to report a property nuisance?
Who can I contact regarding inspections for septic, wells, radon test kits, water test?
Who do I call for Animal Control issues?

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