Opioid Settlement

The Opioid Settlement Funds Committee will continue meeting and taking applications on a regular basis as Jasper County has funds available. If you have any questions, please email bpryor@jasperia.org.

Committee Members

  • Denny Stevenson
  • Jenna Jennings
  • Scott Nicholson
    County Attorney
  • Teresa Arrowood
    Deputy Auditor
  • Becky Pryor
    Health Department Administrator


Opioid Settlement Resolutions in Jasper County  

Resolution 18-04            

Resolution 21-90         

Resolution 23-27        

Jasper County Opioid Settlement funded projects.

1st round-FY24 in 2023 | Total $159,604

Clearview Recovery, Inc | Women’s treatment for an extra 30 days for Jasper County residents. | $43070

House of Mercy, Newton office | 2-year Peer Support Program, Peer Support hired. | $112,434

DARE Jasper Co. Sheriff’s Office, Lynnville Sully Schools, and PCM Schools Materials purchased for students. | $3800 complete

Colfax Library -Opioid Educational Materials | $300 complete

2nd round- FY24 in 2023 | Total $165,000

Discover Hope 517 Ministry Resource Center in Newton, offers daily lunch, Men’s Restoration Center | $60,000

Open Arms Foundation | Resources for children who are removed from their homes. Location established on 1st Avenue. | $25,000

Clearview Recovery | Women’s treatment- guarantee for at least 2 beds for a year for Jasper County residents. | $80,000

Opioid Settlement and Opioid Response Resources

ISAC Opioid Settlement Resources

Iowa Attorney General Opioid Settlement Information

Opioid Response Network

National Association of Counties

Naloxone Iowa

CDC, Opioids

SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: https://www.samhsa.gov/  https://findtreatment.gov/

Jasper County Opioid Treatment Options 

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