Frequently Asked Questions


Is a keg of beer allowed in any Jasper County Conservation areas?

Hunting, Fishing, Swimming and Boating

Are there restrictions regarding the bait that I use to fish in Jasper County Conservation-managed areas?
Can I target/trap shoot on county areas?
Can I use my tree stand in Jasper County Conservation areas?
On which Jasper County-owned lakes can I use my boat?
Which Jasper County Conservation Board parks allow swimming?

Animals and Pets

Where can I let my dog run/swim free?
Where do you allow horseback riding?


How long can I camp at a Jasper County Conservation camping area?
Is there a list of camping rules available?
What is the charge for camping at Jasper County Conservation parks?
When do the parks open for camping?
Where can I have a campfire in Jasper County Conservation parks?

Equipment Rental

Does Jasper County Conservation provide equipment to help me to establish habitat on my land?

Flower and Seed Collection

Can I dig wildflowers out of the road ditch?
Can I pick flowers out of the prairies at Jasper County parks?

Shelterhouses, Hours and Special Events

Can I hold a special event at a Jasper County Conservation area?
How do I rent a shelter?
What are the operating hours of Jasper County Conservation facilities?
Where are shelterhouses located in Jasper County Parks?

Skiing, Snowmobiles and ATV's

Can I ride my snowmobile or ATV in Jasper County Conservation Board areas?
Where, in Jasper County, can I cross-country ski?

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