Bonding Information

No Bond

If an inmate has one or more charges set as ‘no bond’ then they are not allowed to post any type of bond and will remain in jail until their court is finished or the judge changes the bonding requirements.

Cash or Surety Bond

If an inmate has cash or surety bond it may be posted either in cash, cashier’s check/money order or through a bonding company. The jail will not take collateral for a bond, you will need to use a bonding company if you want to do this.

Cash Only

These bonds require the money to be posted in cash or cashier’s check/money order, made out to ‘Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.’ This is true for Jasper Co. and Warren Co. cash only bonds. There are some bonding companies that will post a cash bond but normally require a higher percentage fee to do so.

  • If a bond is posted in cash and the inmate makes all of their court dates then the bond will be returned to the person who posted it once the case is over.
  • If a bond is posted using a bonding company you will not get any money back. The money charged by the bonding company is their fee for ensuring the bond.
  • If the person posting a cash bond has outstanding fees, fines, etc. registered with the Clerk of Court then the bond money may be put toward this outstanding debt before any money is returned. You can contact the Jasper County Clerk of Court at 641-792-9161 if you have questions about any outstanding debt.