Jasper County Attorney Fines Recovery Office Contact Information:

Kelley Meyer – Collections Specialist
Phone: (641) 841-1141
Fax: (641) 792-8327

Fines Recovery & License Reinstatement Program

For many, outstanding court debt has become a source of ongoing stress, financial hardship and in some cases additional court costs resulting from contempt of court and jail time. 

The Jasper County Attorney's Office established a program to assist those who have delinquent financial court obligations.

Those who might not qualify for driver's license reinstatement at this time might be eligible for a payment plan through our office while they work to meet the other requirements for reinstatement.


The possibility of one payment for all your delinquent Jasper County cases:

  • Renewal of vehicle registration

  • Reinstatement of driving privileges

If you would like more information, please call (641) 841-1141 or email

Payment Plan

This plan is most often used to satisfy probation/parole requirements, help with vehicle registration holds. 

The payment plan WILL NOT PREVENT THE SUSPENSION or CHANGE THE STATUS of your driver's license.  For a payment plan regarding for your driver’s license status, please apply for the Driver’s License Reinstatement Payment Plan (CAPP).

Driver’s License Reinstatement Payment Plan (CAPP)

The Driver's License Reinstatement Plan (CAPP) is a payment plan that allows people who have been suspended, or soon will be suspended, for non-payment of fines to get their driver’s license back.

If you owe delinquent child support, DOT civil penalty and/or judgement(s) as a result of an auto accident, the CAPP can only lift the suspension(s) for non-payment of fines.

Financial Affidavit

Voluntary Wage Assignment

Only fill this form out if you would like your payments to be automatically deducted from your paycheck. 

Wage Application

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