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If your registration expired on 12/31/2022, please call 641-792-5442 to renew by credit card over the phone!

Please read the following information before proceeding with online renewal. Online services are for boat and OHV renewals only.

Off-highway Vehicles

Off-highway Vehicle (OHV) means All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Off-Road Motorcycles (ORM), Off-Road Utility Vehicles (ORV) and Snowmobiles.

Current 2023 OHV registration certificates & registration decals will expire at midnight on December 31, 2023.

  • Renew Registration - OHV $20.50
  • Renew Expired Registration - OHV $25.50

IDNR User Permits expire on December 31 of the year printed on the permit.

All snowmobiles, regardless of owner residency status, operated on public land, public ice, or designated snowmobile trails are required to display an IDNR User Permit.

  • Snowmobile User Permit/Trail Pass - $18.50


Current boat registrations and registration decals will expire midnight April 30, 2025.

Boats are registered for a three-year period. Boats may now be renewed for the 2023-2025 period.

Renewal Fees

Renew Registration - Documented Vessel $30.65
Renew Expired Registration - Documented Vessel $35.65

Renew Registration - All Personal Watercraft $50.65
Renew Expired Registration - All Personal Watercraft $55.65

Renew Registration - Any length, without motor or sail $17.65
Renew Expired Registration - Any length, without motor or sail $22.65

Renew Registration - Less than 16ft (Motor/Sail) $28.15
Renew Expired Registration- Less than 16ft (Motor/Sail) $33.15

Renew Registration - 16ft to under 26ft (Motor/Sail) $41.65
Renew Expired Registration - 16ft to under 26ft (Motor/Sail) $46.65

Renew Registration - 26ft to under 40ft (Motor/Sail) $80.65
Renew Expired Registration - 26ft to under 40ft (Motor/Sail) $85.65

Renew Registration - 40ft and over (Motor/Sail) $155.65
Renew Expired Registration - 40ft and over (Motor/Sail) $160.65

Expired Registrations

Expired OHV and Boat registration renewals will be subject to a flat $5 penalty and a $2 fee for postage.

Online Renewal Process

All online renewals are subject to a convenience fee in addition to the standard renewal and postage fee. The cost of the service fee will appear before your transaction is completed.

All online renewals will be processed within one to three business days, except for holidays or unforeseen circumstances.

If there are any questions regarding renewal fees, please contact the Jasper County Recorder’s Office at 641- 792-5442 before continuing with the online transaction.

Same-day service can only be provided at the Jasper County Recorder’s Office.

Before You Renew

  • Before renewal, you need to know your registration number and the length of the boat that you are going to renew.
  • Please pay one mailing fee when renewing multiple boats/vehicles.

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