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Recorder's eSearch Index

The Recorder’s eSearch Index dates are from December 24th, 1987 to current. Military records are NOT accessible to the public. If you can't find what you are looking for, try the "Historical Index" tab within the Recorder's eSeach index. 

Our office recently added an option to help you avoid land fraud. You currently have the option to sign up for alerts when documents are recorded with your name listed on them. This is a 24/7 service that will alert you electronically as documents are indexed in our office. The software is free to the county and to residents. To sign up, please check out our Fraud Prevention page.

You can also do a search through and Beacon.

Historical Index

The Recorder’s Historical Index dates are approximately 1847 through December 23rd of 1987. When searching in the historical index for a plat, remember to search under the recorder’s index to plat AND under the recorder’s general records. If you have a plat reference beginning with a number rather than a letter, you will find it in the Recorder’s general records except for book 970. These plats can be found under the survey plat index type. All plats beginning with the letter “A”, such as “A-129”, are found in the Recorder’s eSearch. The letter “A” should be entered in the book field and “129” as the page field.

FAQ & Forms

For additional information, view our Frequently Asked Questions page. For Land Record forms, visit our Recorder Forms page.

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