Individuals requesting county funding must complete the General Assistance Application and supply the supporting documentation. Please call for more information or if you have any questions.

Required Verification

The following required verification must be submitted with your application. Some of the documents listed below may not apply to your particular situation. Please call for more information or if you have any questions.

  1. Identification
    • Preferably a photo ID or driver's license
    • We also need a Social Security number for each member living in the immediate household.
  2. Current bank statements for any checking and savings account.
    • Written proof of any resources such as Certificate of Deposits, Individual Retirement Accounts, and stocks and bonds and their current value.
  3. Written proof of income
    • Including Social Security, child support, alimony, FIP, food stamps, babysitting, work check stubs, "odd jobs for cash," college loans or grants, and proof of enrollment. (Employer's Statement form provided if pay stubs are unavailable.)
    • If self-employed, we will need last year's tax statement and to-date records for the previous month and current month.
  4. If not currently employed, a Doctor's Notice of Incapacity or job search verification form that you are actively seeking employment. (Verification forms provided)
  5. If applying for utilities: disconnect notice and current utility bill
  6. If applying for rent: eviction notice or notice of non-payment and Landlord Questionnaire (to be completed by the landlord).
    • Rent cannot be paid to relatives

Application & Additional Documents

General Assistance Application

Applying for Rent

If applying for rent, a completed Landlord Questionnaire is needed.

Landlord Questionnaire

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