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Building Permit

Building Codes

Jasper County Building Code can be found in the Building Regulations Ordinance.

Building Regulations Ordinance

Building Permit Requirements

To obtain a building permit you will be required to submit the following:

  1. A fully completed Building Permit application and Electrical Permit application.
  2. A complete set of building plans/blueprints is needed for stick-built structures over 3,000 square feet and for all post frame buildings.
  3. A Site Plan, available here by following the prompts, showing dimensions from all property lines and any other structures on the property.
  4. An E911 address for the building can be submitted online at through Beacon using the instructions linked above. 

If construction starts before a permit is issued the permit fee will be doubled.

Required Inspections

It is your responsibility to contact the Jasper County Building Department to schedule the required inspections. Failure to call for the required inspections can result in fines, removing completed work to allow for inspections, and denial of a certificate of occupancy. You should try to call as far in advance for inspections as is practical. The Building Inspectors will make every effort to respond to inspection calls as soon as possible, but if you wait to the last minute, you may be held up waiting for an inspection.

Inspection Scope

  • Footings - Formed with rebar in place, before concrete is poured.
  • Foundation Walls - Formed with rebar in place, before concrete is poured.
  • Rough In- After all structural framing, rough plumbing, electrical and mechanical is in place, and before any insulation or drywall is installed.
  • Final - The exterior must be completely finished including all exterior decks, steps and handrails. All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical fixtures and appliances, must be in place and operable. The only things that may be unfinished are paint and floor coverings.


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