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The County Auditor enters and maintains records of all real estate transfers in the County. The Auditor keeps the plat maps and transfer books current so that the public can examine the books to determine property ownership. The Auditor's office works closely with area realtors, attorneys, property owners, land surveyors, and other individuals who deal with real estate transactions.

Plat Review

Jasper County Survey Review Procedure

You need to submit surveys electronically.
Surveys submitted for review electronically should be emailed to the following:

Surveys must be accompanied by the updated Jasper County Plat of Survey Requirements Check-Off List. The completed Check-Off List can also be faxed to the Jasper County Auditor’s Office at 641-792-1053.  After the review process is complete, you will be notified of any corrections that need to be made.  A copy of the corrected Plat of Survey should be emailed to the Jasper County Auditor’s Office. Each approved survey will then be ready to record in the Office of the Jasper County Recorder.

For questions about the status of a submitted survey, please contact the Auditor's office.

If not submitting electronically, submit the original Plat of Survey, Jasper County Plat of Survey Requirements Check-Off List & Recording Fee to the Jasper County Recorder where the review process will begin.

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