Homestead Credit & Military Exemption

Homestead Credit Application

If you have recently purchased a new or different home and have not been to the Assessor's Office to sign your Homestead Credit Application, be sure to do so at your earliest convenience. If the property you were occupying as a homestead is sold, or if you cease to use the property as a homestead you are required to report this to the Assessor in whose jurisdiction the property is located.

Please click on the Beacon link, type in your name or address to pull up your property, and then scroll to the bottom.  The application link is at the bottom of the page.


Military Exemption

Qualification is determined based on residency, type of discharge, and time served. Military veterans including Iowa National Guard and United States Reservists may qualify. Contact the County Assessors' Office for additional information. Applications must be made with the Assessor on or before July 1 of the year the exemption is first claimed. The exemption remains in effect until the property owner is no longer eligible.

If the home qualifies and the property owner files on or before 07-01, the exemption will go into effect for the current assessment year. If the property owner files after 07-01, the exemption will go into effect the year following the signup.

Search and select the parcel/property you wish to apply for and you will find the link near the top of that page.

Apply for Credit Online

Use on One Piece of Property

You are only allowed a Homestead Exemption on the property that is your primary residence and you must occupy that a minimum of 6 months each year.  Military Exemption is allowed on any one piece of property you own in the state, it does not have to be applied to your primary residence.

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