PropertyCheck Fraud Prevention

PropertyCheck is a free fraud prevention service for Jasper County Property Owners.

In an attempt to reduce mortgage and lien fraud, the Jasper County Recorder's office has partnered with their software provider, Cott Systems, to implement a new service called PropertyCheck to help protect Jasper County property owners from potential property and mortgage fraud. This is a free service to both the county and its property owners. This is a 24/7 service that residents can sign up for to receive notifications of recorded documents that have your name on them by activating alerts either by email or text message. If a document is recorded that matches information entered into the Cott PropertyCheck, the owner is notified immediately per their preferred method.

To sign up for this no-cost service, you will only need to provide your name, phone number and/or email address. Propertycheck will do the rest. At this time, an enrollee will be notified if their name appears on the document.

There is no foolproof method of preventing fraud but the Jasper County Recorder's office has taken extra steps to help protect Jasper County landowners. If you have any questions, please contact Denise Allan, Jasper County Recorder, at (641)-792-5442.

How to register for PropertyCheck:

Register for PropertyCheck

  1. Sign up on the Cott Systems PropertyCheck website.
  2. Select how to receive notifications – via text or email.
  3. Type in the property owner's name for whom you wish to monitor as the appears on the official document.
  4. PropertyCheck will now automatically alert you of any recordings regarding the name you specified.

For additional help, please review our Instruction Guide.

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