Refinished Clocks Added to Courthouse

Posted 2/9/24 · Maintenance

Here's a note from our Jasper County Maintenance Director, Adam Sparks!

Years ago, I re-did all the Courthouse clocks that were inside the courthouse except the master grandfather clock. All the clocks had been painted over or stained over, and you couldn’t even tell what kind of wood it was anymore. We stripped all of them down and brought them back to life. All of them have a beautiful oak finish.

We didn’t have an old clock in every courthouse office, so I had been looking for some that would match the old ones we currently have. Our local clock repair man who works on our grandfather clock knew of a gentleman in another state who had a bunch of old clocks because he bought and collected them. He had some clocks that we were looking for, and we could buy them for $150/piece. Four were covered in paint when we got them, and the other two were stained and varnished. We completely stripped them down and re-finished them. We will put them in the offices or courtrooms that currently don’t have one. This will add nostalgia to the courthouse; we took something that may have never seen life again and brought it back to life. It now gets to hang in one of the most beautiful courthouses in Iowa.

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