Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions

Do I sign up for the homestead credit/military exemption tax credit in the Recorder's office? - No, applications for these tax credits are available in the Jasper County Assessor's office.

Can I apply for a passport in the Jasper County Recorder's office? - No, passports and passport information can be obtained at the Newton Post Office. (641)-792-4730

Do I use a tradename form to register my business if I am a corporation or LLC? - No, tradename forms are only for a person or co-partnership conducting a business. Corporation and LLC information can be obtained from the Secretary of State.

Can I get income tax forms in the Recorder's office? - No

What's the difference between a certified copy and an non-certified copy? - A certified copy has a raised seal on it and states that the copy is a true and correct reproduction of the original record. An non-certified copy (plain paper copy) does not have a seal and doesn't indicate authenticity. Plain paper copies will also be stamped with "Not for legal purposes".

What if I don't have a driver's license or ID to have a document notarized? Click here to see a list of documentation that is acceptable for notarization.