Department of Natural Resources Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Recorder's office license boat trailers?

No, boat trailers are licensed in the Jasper County Treasurer's office.

Can a boat be transferred on an expired registration?

Yes, the registration must be signed on the back by the current owner. (Owner's name on front of registration.)

When do hunting/fishing licenses go on sale?

December 15th

How old do I need to be for a lifetime hunting/fishing license?

Age 65

Do I need a habitat stamp?

Yes, you will be required to have a habitat stamp until you reach the age of 65.

Can I get a duplicate of my registration or title at any County Recorder office?

No, you can only get a duplicate for boats in the county where the boat is registered/titled.

Do I have to register my paddle boat (a boat that is propelled by the operator’s feet with pedals)?

Yes, a paddle boat must be registered if it is going to be used on public water at any length.

I’m a resident of another state and my boat isn’t required to be registered, can I use my boat in Iowa?

You can use your boat in Iowa for 60 non-consecutive days if your boat is registered in another state. If your boat is not registered in your home state, you must register in Iowa before using your boat on public water.

I found a boat in a lake; can I register it in my name?

No, if the boat has a HIN or registration number the DNR can search to see if the last owner can be located so they can be notified. If there is no registration number, all unidentified or unclaimed abandoned boats should be reported to the county sheriff or police department.

Can I keep my registration at home and keep a copy registration in my boat. 

No, you must have the original in your possession. If you are operating a sailboat or canoe without a motor or a commercial vessel, you are not required to have the registration in the boat.

My canoe is inflatable and it is 10 ft long, do I have to register it?

No, inflatable canoes and kayaks are only registered if they over 13 ft in length.

I bought a titled boat out of state and I don’t have the registration from the last owner, do I have to bond?

No, if your boat was purchased out of state and it is titled, you only need a bill of sale and the title signed by the last registered owner.

Can I use my boat on a private pond without registration?

Yes, your boat will only need to be registered if it is being used on public water.

Do I need insurance to use my boat on public water?

It isn’t required but it is generally a good idea to get boat insurance.