Agriculture and Rural Living

When you live in rural Iowa, you will witness some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets while experiencing a peace that only living in the rural Iowa country can give you! Here are a few reminders about living in rural Iowa:

  • In Iowa, our Farmers are some of our most valuable leaders! Farmers often work around the clock, especially during planting and harvest time. Grain dryers may also operate around the clock during harvest time. This operation may last for several weeks to a few months. Keep an eye out for machinery in your area, giving them plenty of distance when you approach them on the roads. Be alert, patient, and cautious!
  • Land preparation and harvest operations can cause dust, especially during windy and dry weather. 
  • Farmers occasionally burn their ditches to keep them clean of debris, weeds, and other obstructions. This burning creates smoke that may be alarming if you're experiencing this for the first time. Watch for these weeds in your areas as well. You may have to get advice from a local professional to help you remove these weeds!
  • Farm equipment and airplanes apply chemicals (mainly fertilizers and herbicides) used in growing crops. If you are allergic or sensitive to these chemicals, you may want to consult your doctor for medical advice.
  • Iowa farms are the 1st in the country for pork production and in the top 15 for beef production. Keep in mind there can be odors from time to time.