Board Appointments

Every year the Jasper County Board of Supervisors appoint numerous county residents to various boards, commissions, committees and councils. The Supervisors are always looking for qualified and interested people to serve. The Board welcomes all people without regard to age, sex, ethnicity or place of residence in the county to apply for an appointment. 

Below you will find a listing of the boards, commissions, committees and councils to which the Supervisors make appointments. If you are interested in serving please contact one of the County Supervisors, the County Auditor's Office or fill out the Board Appointment Application

  • Aging Resources of Central Iowa
  • Animal Control
  • Cemetery Commission
  • Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center
  • Central Iowa Regional Housing Authority
  • Central Iowa Regional Transportation Planning Alliance
  • Central Iowa Recovery Board
  • Central Iowa Tourism
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Compensation Board
  • Conservation Board
  • Des Moines Recreational River and Greenbelt Advisory Council
  • DHS Decategorization Board
  • Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program
  • Enhanced 911 Service Board
  • Enterprise Zone Commission
  • Fifth Judicial District
  • Grinnell Airport Zoning Commission
  • Health Board
  • Heartland RC and D
  • Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Authority
  • Impact Community Action Plan
  • Jasper County Historical Building Preservation Society, Inc
  • Jasper County Economic Development (JEDCO)
  • Veterans Affairs Commission
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Zoning Commission